How to Speed Up Photoshop Actions Process?

Some of the actions might running pretty slow even when you have a high performance PC and its getting worst when you running a batch action on a folder full of images. Of course its really annoying to wait until its finish. To help speed up the process I want to share with you this secret tricks. But before that, lets figure out the reason why its running slowly. There are 3 factors that affect the speed of your actions.
  1. The image size is too big (high resolution).
  2. The process inside the actions is very long.
  3. Photoshop keeps creating history point for undo process.
To keep the actions running at full speed, there are two things that you can do.

First : In the History palette's menu, under History Options, turn off the checkbox for "Automatically Create First Snapshot".

Second : Go to Photoshop Menu > Edit > Preferences, and choose Performance or you can press Ctrl+K shortkey and then click the Performance tab. In the History States, the default number is 20. Lower the number to 2 states and click OK.

Notes : Don't forget to increase your History States or change your History Options back after you're done or you'll be down to two undos.

How to Download? Please Click Here for the Tutorial

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