How to Print Out Photoshop Action Script?

This is totally undocumented Photoshop Actions Trick, and if you need it, it's a real lifesaver. Once you've created an action, you can actually save a text document with all the actions steps, so you can have a printed hard copy of your action. Maybe its useful for education, backup or something. Even if not, its still worth to try this very rare tricks. OK, lets follow the step below.

STEP 1 : Open Up the Actions Palette. Go to Photoshop menu, click on ‘Window’ and then select ‘Actions’ or simply click alt+F9 shortkey.

STEP 2 : In the Actions palette, select the Action set containing the action that you want to save it as a text document.

STEP 3 : Hold alt-ctrl and from the Actions palette's menu, choose Save Actions. Sometimes the menu wont appear. If it’s not, you need to press ‘alt’ first and then hold it with ‘ctrl’(don’t press ‘ctrl’ first OR start holding both in the same period).

STEP 4 : When the Save dialog appears, you'll notice that the file extension is .txt (indicating it's a text file) rather than .atn (which is the Photoshop actions format). Find your prefered location and Click Save.

STEP 5 : Now you've got the text file. You can open it in any word processor to print out the steps.

Thanks for Reading. ^^

How to Download? Please Click Here for the Tutorial

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