How to Create Photoshop Action Script?

Here I want to share with you a very simple method to help you understand on how to create a Photoshop Action Script. About how it works, and how its actually made. The fact is, Its pretty easy to make your own actions IF you already Mastered Photoshop Design Skills. All you have to do is just record the process and when you stop recording, its done. You can run it again anytime that you want.

So the only matters to create your own actions is just the DESIGN SKILLS. When creating eCover Actions, its important to know how to change a plain 2D image into 3D. If you have this Skill, there will be no problem at all. In this tutorial I’m not going to teach about the DESIGN SKILLS(maybe in future tutorial. So stay tune.^^). Its just a simple tutorial to give you an idea about how to create the action script. Lets follow the steps below.

STEP 1 : Open Up the Actions Palette. Go to Photoshop menu, click on ‘Window’ and then select ‘Actions’ or simply click alt+F9 shortkey.

STEP 2 : Create a new set. Click the Create new set icon at the bottom of the palette. A New Set popup will appear. Rename the Set and click OK.

STEP 3 : Create a New Actions. Click on the Create new actions icon at the bottom of the palette. A New Actions popup will appear. Rename it and click Record.

STEP 4 : Start doing your Stuff. Do what ever you want for example create a new file, text, new layer, change color or something. Every single step will be recorded in the actions. Nothing will be missed even when you just selecting a layer with your mouse.

STEP 5 : Complete the Actions. Click STOP button at the bottom of the palette. Now you have finish up your own Photoshop Actions. Try to run it and see the magic..^^

Thanks for Reading. ^^

How to Download? Please Click Here for the Tutorial

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