Tips and Precaution Steps

This is the useful tips plus very important precaution steps to help you more and guide you to avoid mistakes, so that you can create your eCover with flying color and error free. I will update this page from time to time. Please visit here often so you don't missed the latest tips. OK, lets check it out.

  1. By Default, the 3D image rendered in white background color. If you want to save it as a transparent background, just hide the background layer by unmarking the eye icon in the layer palette and save it to .png or .gif format.
  2. The light blue(turquoise) line is the guidance to separate the cover and spine or any important part in the template. Make sure you use it to avoid mistakes.
  3. Make sure you place your design in the template only(inside the black color). Dont design outside the template or canvas to avoid mistakes.
  4. When running First Action(EXECUTE TEMPLATE), don't resize the image. It will cause error. Resize the image after finish up the third Action(FINALIZE).
  5. You may add more layer but DON'T delete any prebuild layer, rename it or merge it with the others.
  6. If something comes between while the action is running for example Photoshop popup appeared and said there was an error, some layer unavailable or any interuption, just ignore it and click continue.

How to Download? Please Click Here for the Tutorial

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