Introduction to Photoshop Action Script

Do you familiar with Adobe Flash? If you did, I’m really sure that you know about the action script. But it’s totally different from what I’m going to share about. It was Photoshop Action Script. For beginner, this function might be the last thing to figure out because it’s not like “a piece of cake”. Before this, I didn’t know about it too, until I want to create my own eBook cover. From that moment, I started to search over the internet and try to find the tutorial, any related info and other stuff especially the action script.

So, what is Photoshop Action Script?

Generally, Photoshop Action Script referred as an automation set of command that simplify the design process or as a converter from flat 2D image into 3D looking style. In deep meaning, it is a set of commands that being recorded when performing a task to a series of file which allow the process to be executed again automatically. This is one of the most powerful automation tools within the Photoshop Program. They take many complex techniques that are beyond the knowledge of an average or casual user, and do the work of creation for you. With this action script, you can:

  1. Save your precious time. It’s done only with a few clicks.
  2. Design a pro looking cover even if you have no experience at all.
  3. Create amazing covers as much as you want with a single script.
  4. Hiring no one to design your eCover, each time you come out with the new products.

This action script also similar to what other programs calls a “macro”, but unlike other macros, Photoshop actions are very simple to use. All you have to do is edit your text, graphics, and colors to your liking, and once the action is run, your complete 3D image will be rendered in just a few seconds! Look at the example.

Awesome right? This is the method that are widely used to represent eProducts as we can see on selling websites or minisites, banners, and advertisements over the internet. Now, it’s very easy and as simple as 123 for you to create a high quality eCover or product presentations that looks like a million bucks even when you have zero design skills.

How to Download? Please Click Here for the Tutorial

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