How to Use Photoshop Action Script?

It's very simple to use the action script. Below is the step-by-step tutorial to give you the picture of how it works.

STEP 1 : Find the installed action script folder inside the Action Palette. If the action is not viewed in the folder, click on the left triangle near the folder to expand the root menu.

STEP 2 : Select 'EXECUTE TEMPLATE' and click play button (the triangle at the bottom of the Palette). Now, you have the basic template canvas.

STEP 3 : Start designing your cover.

STEP 4 : Select 'RENDER 3D IMAGE' and click play button. Your cover should be in 3D right now.

STEP 5 : Select 'FINALIZE' and click play button. This step is optional only. It contains simple finisher like reflecting effect, shading and trim. If you already happy with the result, you can leave this step.

How to Download? Please Click Here for the Tutorial

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